about us

Our philosophy

Mohop is the first company to create mass customizeable footwear via your smartphone, by combining on-demand 3D digital fabrication with emerging body scanning technology. We love exploring where cutting edge digital technologies meet traditional artisanal techniques. We are passionate about comfortable shoes that both fit your style and fit your foot, women in STEM, and conscientious relationships with people, animals and the environment.

About our shoes

Our original footwear has been dubbed the 'infinity sandal': you can easily customize your shoes by changing the ribbon ties and accessories. Different lengths and styles of ribbons can be used to achieve a virtually infinite number of looks with just one pair of soles. For Spring/Summer 2015, we've launched what we think are the most comfortable shoes the world, using custom-shaped orthopedic materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

Visit our You Tube channel to see some of our growing library of styling videos. You can also click here to see additional illustrations for inspiration...

About Mohop

Established in 2005 by architect Annie Mohaupt, Mohop specializes in customizeable shoes. A socially-conscious company, Mohop ensures that all of our collections are produced with vegan, sustainably-sourced, recycled, and/or fair-trade materials.  Each pair of Mohop shoes is made from scratch by our team of talented artisans in our Chicago workshop. Mohop shoes are available online and at retailers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and have been featured on a huge variety of national and international media including the Discovery Channel, Vogue.com, Chicago Tribune, Lucky Magazine, The Martha Stewart Show, US Weekly, MTV, VH1 and ARTE. 

Are they comfortable?

YES!!!! The ergonomically-carved footbed, including arch support, cradles the length of the foot, alleviating the typical fatigue points at the heel or ball of the foot. Most of our styles feature a full quarter-inch of "ultra-cloud" padding, which maintains its resilience even after years of wear. Our proprietary loops allow for a completely custom-fit upper, eliminating the blisters and chafing associated with most new sandals.

But don't take our word for it. Read some of the hundreds of reviews at our Etsy store.

Caring for your shoes

Your Mohop shoes are meant to be worn frequently and eventually they may get dirty or scratched. The shoes feature a durable hand-rubbed finish. To clean, simply wipe them with cool water and a mild detergent. Most ribbons can be machine or hand washed.

Our process

Mohop shoes are "forest to closet" - we make each pair from scratch using sustainable raw materials. We specialize in combining traditional shoemaking techniques with emerging 2D and 3D digital fabrication technologies. 

Our friends at Jhoole

Mohop has partnered with Jhoole, a non-profit social enterprise in India, to create our beautiful recycled saree ties. Each pair of saree ties is a one-of-a-kind, handmade by women who earn fair-trade wages so their children can attend school, with the goal of ending the cycle of poverty in their family and community.

Jhoole is currently building a beautiful, eco-friendly, energy-neutral training center in Maheshwar, India. Funds from the purchase of each saree tie goes to the outfitting of a computer lab, as well as the salary of a lab instructor, for this new training center. Visit Jhoole.org to learn more about how your purchase is an investment in the women and their communities of rural India. In the video below, Deepa Kewat, a Jhool supervisor, talks about her experiences with Jhoole and their new training and production center.